Dragonfly  School is built around a science and nature-based curriculum, with a focus on community, creativity and ecology. We provide a hands-on, inclusive learning environment for children aged 18 months through kindergarten.

Dragonfly has recently purchased a building at 1320 Agua Fria St. that we can call our forever home!

We believe that our collective future depends upon our integration of  community, creativity, and ecology.

Using the best educational strategies, including but not limited to Montessori materials and techniques, constructivist centers, hands-on science, Everyday Math, “Growing Readers, ” Handwriting Without Tears, and Compassionate Communication, we will assist children in building a strong conceptual scaffold to hold and enlarge their understanding of the world.

We understand that our ability to learn and grow is rooted in our personal health, and we utilize a variety of body awareness methods (yoga, educational kinesiology, music and dance) to ground children in their bodies. We value non-competitive and competitive games as ways to increase our understanding of others and to work with others as members of a team.