“As a mother of four, with a work history in mental health and child development, I was taking my time looking for a Kindergarten for my youngest son.  I sought a real world learning environment that was diverse, a low student to teacher ratio, teachers who were nurturing and would teach to a child’s developmental stage, and a curriculum that was nature based and engaging, allowing children to learn at their own pace.

I viewed and asked questions of ten independent schools in Santa Fe and just as I was beginning to feel rather hopeless, someone recommended Dragonfly School.

Dragonfly is comfortable and welcoming, feelings that provide a good basis for honest teacher and parent relationships.  There is a confidence in the staff as well as a visible joy of what they do.  I often remark on the natural teaching instincts that I see at Dragonfly School.

The Kindergarten day is planned around the developmental stage of the 4/5/6 year old.  A schedule with a relaxed pace that includes hands-on learning activities, engaging arts, physical movement, relaxation, plenty of time to snack, eat, and drink, and of course, ample outside time.  I have observed the teachers to be kind, nurturing, and respectful.

When my son needed me to be present as he adjusted to his new environment, I was made to feel welcome.  It was a pleasure to be in the classroom for those days and watch him take his place and tell me with his newfound confidence, “Ok, you can go now.”

My son wakes up with joy to go to Dragonfly.  He feels safe, confident, and is allowed to progress at his own rate, not pressured.  What a wonderful beginning introduction to just how good school can be.”


Shelley A. Welch, M.A.  LPCC