Enrollment process

Step 1: Contact us

Please call us or email us with your name, child’s name and age and contact information. Please contact us so that we may answer any preliminary questions, provide you with our school information and schedule a visit.

Phone: (505)995-9869

Email: stephanie@dragonflyschool.com

Step 2: Your initial visit

During your scheduled visit, you will be given a guided tour in which you will learn about the school and observe the program. This visit lasts for about one hour, and is scheduled to begin at a scheduled time so that you are able to observe the classrooms in action during our core activity time. You are welcome to bring your child at this time if you wish- please consider your child’s temperament, comfort level, and needs when making this decision, as it is an important time for adult discussion regarding registration. Please be as timely in your arrival as possible since visiting hours are scheduled in order for you to enjoy the most opportune time to observe classrooms and interact with students and staff.

Step 3: Your child’s (first) visit

If your child did not accompany you for your initial visit, please schedule a time to have him/her visit the school, to enable you to observe how they fit into the environment.

Step 3.5: Interim (Wait List Status)

If the class you wish to enroll in is already at capacity, you may request to join our wait list by submitting an admissions form http://www.dragonflyschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/admissions-form.pdf and a $50 application fee to have your student join the list. We will notify you if a space becomes available.

Step 4: Registration

The required paperwork (included in the information packet provided by mail, upon visiting or at www.dragonflyschool.com/enrollment/enrollment- packet should be submitted, along with a $50 application fee and a deposit equal to one month’s tuition. Please refer to our main enrollment page or a tuition contract for schedule choices and rates. Registration will be finalized upon submission of all required completed paperwork and the required deposit.

Step 5: Transitioning

We encourage all families to visit during the period of time prior to your child’s start date. When time allows, we enjoy having parent-accompanied visits with your child so that the transition to regular school days is one of safety and familiarity for everyone.

Please contact us to schedule all visits.

Phone: (505)995-9869

Email: stephanie@dragonflyschool.com