Weekly Update 4-30-17

Dear families,
Thank you for being such an amazing and integral part of what we do at Dragonfly every day. We simply couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for entrusting your children to our care for precious hours each day. We are so grateful for our vibrant community and the important work we all do in raising healthy, capable and kind children.
MONDAY, MAY 1, 9-12-SPROUTS FIELD TRIP TO HARRELL HOUSE BUG MUSEUM-Please drop your child off in class First, then securely buckle car seats into the van. Label visibly with name on tape provided.
SATURDAY, MAY 6, 10-2-DRAGONFLY SCHOOL SPRING FAIR!-The annual with games, crafts and activities for kids plus music, food, plant and book sales, and the culmination of our spring auction. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR A BOOTH ASSIGNMENT IN YOUR CLASSROOM NOW. THANK YOU!
THURSDAY, MAY 11-SAPLINGS FIELD TRIP TO SANTA FE STUDIOS to check out how movies are made here in Santa Fe.
MAY14-19-WALK AND BIKE TO SCHOOL WEEK-Use people power to get to school this week if you can!
FRIDAY, MAY 19-BEACH AND MUD DAY-Get wet and get messy! Please send your child with swimsuit, towel, sunhat and slathered in sunscreen over their entire body!
TUESDAY, MAY 23, 11:00- ALL SCHOOL PERFORMANCE. All children will participate, starting with the youngest group first.
TUESDAY, MAY 23-LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Early release at 12:30, MOVING STARTS AT 3:00 (but please rsvp for this time)
Here are our moving dates (and please RSVP specifically for days/times you are available if you’d like to help. Also if you have a truck, hand truck, power tools(and skills) or are a strong lifter/mover). Feel free to bring us your empty boxes for packing, too!
Sunday, May 7th- Our building is empty and ready and we will start moving non-essential items now. (We will have an area outside my office aset up with items ready to go at any time so that people can easily deliver small items to the new school on their regular route to and from school.)
May 7th-May 22nd– Slow moving of equipment, cleaning both buildings, painting both buildings, fence removal and fence building. Mounting shelving, etc on walls. We are scheduling tasks throughout this time. Let us know how you are available!
Saturday, Sunday, May 13-14-Painting in the new building. Thanks to Ryan Ramos’ grandma, Lise Hamel, for volunteering this task! She could use a helper or two!
Tuesday, May 23rd (starting after last day of school lets out)- Friday, May 26thMoving large furniture and any equipment remaining. Please schedule time and help us count any trucks or trailers available. Cleaning, patching and painting walls at Alto St.
Saturday, May 27th- Sunday, May 28th-CAC takes over Alto St for summer camp. Moving any last items (if any)
Some specific tasks will include:
Deep cleaning
Prepping and Painting inside (walls) and out (trims)
Taking down and putting up coyote fences and gates outside
Tree removal
Securing furniture to walls for safety
Moving items (little by little then big furniture at the end)

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