Weekly Update 5-14-17

Dear Families,
We hope that all of our amazing mothers enjoyed a special day of dedication today. Every day is your day, by the way.
We can hardly believe we have reached the final full week of our school year! We are talking with children about transitions to summer, their next year school plans and our new school building. Please be sure you are talking to teachers about your child’s plans so we may help ease transitions for them.
We’ll be winding down and playing it up this week. Look out for special fun!
MAY14-19-WALK AND BIKE TO SCHOOL WEEK-Use people power to get to school this week if you can!
FRIDAY, MAY 19-BEACH AND MUD DAY-Get wet and get messy! Please send your child with swimsuit, towel, sunhat and slathered in sunscreen over their entire body! It will be a glorious mess!
TUESDAY, MAY 23, 11:00- ALL SCHOOL PERFORMANCE. All children will participate, starting with the youngest group first. Expect competence, cuteness, stage fright or audacity depending on your child.
TUESDAY, MAY 23-LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Early release at 12:30. Yes, old timers, there will be popsicles and goodbye tears after the show.
THURSDAY & FRIDAY, MAY 25 & 26-8AM-8PM-MOVING HAPPENS! Here are our moving dates and times(and please RSVP specifically for days/times you are available if you’d like to help. Also if you have a truck, hand truck, power tools(and skills) or are a strong lifter/mover). Feel free to bring us your empty boxes for packing, too! We truly need and heartily appreciate your help! Sign up sheets will be in your classroom or sign up online in google docs for your convenience at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1su2cet5-IUPE4OsbOOv3KGdan954KqZUjJ1VyY1e1_I/edit?usp=sharing
Not available these days, but would like to help? Ask Stephanie for some specific tasks that can happen before school ends. Remember this is your final opportunity to fulfill those parent participation hours! (You may alternately buy out your hours for $40/hour).
Stephanie Smith

Director, Dragonfly School

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